1.  Our players are first and foremost our friends.  We intend to keep these friendships strong.  So, there will be NO cheating, collusion, fighting, or disrespectful conduct allowed.  Players must keep the profanity to an absolute minimum.  All players MUST be at least 21 years old and have a valid ID.  We play no-limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament poker.  We are a FREE, non-profit poker league.  Players can win tournaments without spending any money at all.

 2.  The Tournament Director (TD) has the authority to settle disputes, interpret poker rules, move players to balance the poker tables, and is the only person allowed to hand out and collect poker chips.  The TD may also suspend or eject any player in order to maintain pleasant playing conditions.  Any player that has been permanently ejected will NOT be allowed to play in ANY further tournaments.

3.  Big Dog Poker uses a straight poker format.  In this format, each player starts with the same amount of chips.  A player is eliminated from the tournament when their chips are gone.  Beginners are always welcome!

4.  The Big Dog point system gives 1 point for playing in a tournament; a second point for making the final table; and a third point for winning that tournament.  Players that earn at least 18 points (qualifying level 1) in a quarterly tournament cycle will be entered into the next Top Dog quarterly tournament.  Players that play enough to earn
24 points (qualifying level 2) or 30 points (qualifying level 3) will get extra starting chips for this tournament.

5.  The Top Dog tournament will be held at the end of each 3-month cycle.  It will be a FREE, one-day tournament
with NO rebuys or add-ons.  Every player starts with at least 20,000 chips.  The top 9 finishers will receive prizes.

6.  Our primary goal is to play FRIENDLY poker, without "soap opera" theatrics.  Bad beats and "suck-outs" are a part of poker.  Everyone has given them and has received them.  It IS far better to give than to receive when it comes to suck-outs or bad beats!

7.  Breaks and blind levels are timed by the computer.  No new hand may be started within one minute before the start of a scheduled break, so that the TD can complete the chip-up.

8.  Big Dog Poker reserves the right to deny playing privileges to anyone without explanation.

         IT'S FREE               IT'S FUN                IT'S FRIENDLY       SO SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL!!



Big Dog Poker uses 15-minute Blind Levels to speed play so that our younger players can go to work the next day,
and so our retired players can get their sleep.  The following blind levels and breaks will be used:

50 - 100                75 - 150            100 - 200          150 - 300              10 Minute Break
200 - 400              300 - 600            400 - 800          500 -1000           10 Minute Break
1,000 - 2,000        2,000 - 4,000        3,000 - 6,000     4,000 - 8,000   10 Minute Break
5,000 - 10,000     10,000 - 20,000     15,000 - 30,000   20,000 - 40,000       30,000 - 60,000

The Tournament Director May Cap the Blinds At Any Time.
(Caps are approximately 10% of the chips in play)